Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Lanesplitter Redux

Sure as school's back in session, we're back at Lanesplitter. We've got a good crew here today, the Joes, Newton, Loren and myself. We all finished a midterm today, so we thought it the perfect occasion for a Haas Beer Industry Club meeting of the minds [read: happy hour]. I talked up the LS enough after the last outing to compel Newton into an "incredible craving" for a return visit. So here we are.

As per, my first selection was the cask conditioned variety. Afternoon Bitter Brew from Moonlight in Santa Rosa. It didn't have the head of a quality cask pour, but it was the perfect temperature. It had a beautiful amber hue and went down smooth as velvet. Seavey also went with the Bitter Brew, and thought it, well, it left him speechless.

Newton crashed the party with a big ol' pitcher of Russian River Damnation, a Belgian Ale. It had a citrus aroma, light in color, with a nutmeg yeasty overtone. Lazar felt it had a well-balanced hoppiness.

Anderson Valley Belks ESB was next up for me. It was the lightweight cousin to the more mature Boondt Amber, one of my all-time favs. A delicious beer, great medium color and a crisp, refreshing flavor. Definitely would recommend this brew.

Loren went for the Death and Taxes, and described it as dark, like tax day. He spoke of a hint of coffee with a definite bite. Newton detected a whiff of molasses, and his taste this time around improved upon a previous memory.

Loren enjoyed a Porter... Iron Springs--I detected a touch of chinese herbs. It was certainly a strong porter.

My last selection was from Bear Republic, a brewery in Mendocino. It had a rich deep color... like the study of a railroad tycoon. I would definitely drink this beer again; it was hearty at 7%+ but not too intense.

We'll be hitting the Bears Lair for Days@Haas on Friday... I'm sure there will be a good beer or two to be had there...


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